DePalma's TEAM USA Martial Arts Reviews

Both of my sons attend the Surprise location and absolutely LOVE it! Master W is amazing at encouraging and pushing the kids to not only set goals but achieve them, and when they do he is the first one to congratulate them. I am beyond grateful for finding DePalma’s and watching the confidence it has given both of my kiddos:)

Shelley P.

My son loves his classes at DePalma! I am incredibly impressed with Master W and his ability to engage a class. There are several students within our classes with varying levels of ADHD and Autism that he manages with the same ease of a traditional student. My son has learned so much and can't wait to go each week.

Beth S.

I love depalma's team, my son Michael loves it there even though he gets frustrated he still goes home and practices so that he gets it the next time I love the atmosphere and the encouragement and the kindness of the students that are around him it is an all-around great karate school.

Amanda T.

Master W is a very talented instructor at the Surprise location. His patience and professionalism with the students is evident in every class. My son has learned to be more disciplined in his martial arts training and is eager to learn from his master. This school has been such a positive influence in my son's life. He LOVES training with DePalmas!

Heather M.

My son has become more confident and I can see his leadership potential coming through. A lot of that is due to the instruction he is receiving in martial arts from Master W and the DePalma's staff. I like it so much, I joined too! On a quest to be our best!

Garth B.

DePalma's Is the best!!!! The instructors are professional and personable, they treat you like family. My son has a different attitude, he has become more disciplined, positive, confident, and more social since joining....reccomend for your tween....

Brandy S.

We enrolled our daughter, Jocelyn, in karate classes last July. My wife and I joined under their 'Parents Train Free to Yellow Belt' promotion in August, and we have been hooked ever since. The entire DePalma's organization is wonderful, and Sensei Frangella has a grace, poise and maturity well beyond his years. He commands every class, from the youngest Little Dragon to the oldest practitioner in the Teen and Adult class. We love the focus on the karate family, the positive atmosphere and the continual push to try our hardest and be our best. I cannot recommend this organization highly enough. If you are looking for a path to proficiency in the martial arts, DePalma's Team USA Martial Arts is the perfect place for you! Come! Join us on our quest to be our best! Just look for me - the freakishly tall guy in the Teen and Adult class.

Heath O.

The best Sensei! He has passion, love, and integrity! Love this place and couldn't have asked for a better instructor or company for our son! No matter how big this school gets I believe he always has time and room for our son and more! Thank you Depalmas and Sensei Frangella, you are the best!

Kari R.

We had our son's birthday party tonight at DePalma's QC and I just wanted to say Mr. F and and Dagger were AWESOME!!! They were true professionals and so organized we didn't have to do much but show up! They were so respectful and most of all FUN! Our son and his friends absolutely LOVED the Nerf gun party and our son told us it was the best party he has ever had. Thank you instructors for such a great party! - Austin's mom

Carrie K.

My daughter began taking karate classes 3 years ago with Depalma's Team USA Martial Arts at Desert Mountain. Two days ago I asked my 10-year old if she still enjoys karate and her response was, "yes, it's hard at times but it's still fun". For any parent looking to place their child in an environment with an amazing team of martial artists, that care about their students, look no further. Master C and his Team demonstrate and teach the necessary qualities to achieve Black Belt excellence while reinforcing the qualities to be your best self. Oh, and did I mention, they have a lot of fun with their students? My daughter is proud of her achievements and, as a parent, that's music to my ears, but when I see her smile and laugh during her class, while learning karate and doing push ups, jump squats, etc., that's priceless!

By the way, my daughter encouraged me to try karate and I enrolled in the Teen/Adult classes. It's fun for the whole family!

Susan S.

My daughter was exposed to the staff and students of DePalma’s Team USA Martial Arts at her Grade School in Scottsdale and was given a 2-session pass to try it out. I was cautiously optimistic she’d enjoy it since she does enjoy her iPhone and YouTube! Master C is simply great with the kids! He makes it fun for them. They run in place, drop and smack the floor, do push-ups, kicks, punches and defensive maneuvers. All the while when they are exercising they are laughing and smiling!! 
Master C really strives to ingrain virtues in the students and all students get the message to strive to achieve black belts!!
My daughter has been going for about a month and we could not be more pleased. The school also hosts Saturday evening parties for the kids to let them have fun and to give the parents a night out. 5-stars!!

Brian M.

A much better man to be.
Learn to win. Learn to loose. But always give your best.
Learn to laugh. Learn to cry. But always give your best.
Friendships, goals, not always easy. But always give your best.
With strength, honesty, unity, and a willing to push on, you know you gave your best.
These are a few of the things this school has given my son.
Yes... a much better man to be.

William K.

Master C. Is an absolutely amazing instructor and life coach and it's no surprise his business is a 100% match to his character. Professional, compassionate, and honor driven there isn't a better school in the area for students of all ages to feel welcomed and love the experience!

Derek F.

My family has been training at this school for many years. My two children started out in their ‘little dragons’ program at a very young age. Right off the bat they were learning respect, honesty and focus. They have now moved up the ranks in the kid’s class and are developing great martial arts skills, coordination, self confidence, and most importantly they are still learning respect and focus. The school is top notch and the staff is excellent and well trained. The head instructor Master Calantog, “Mr. C” is a highly trained 5th degree black belt with a gift of motivation and positive thinking. I train at this school myself and earned a black belt a couple of years ago. The experience still remains one of the hardest and most rewarding things I’ve ever done. My family has referred other families here and they continue to train and progress. I highly recommend this school, it’s not easy but the rewards are well worth it, especially if you’re a parent.

Mike H.

The difference I've seen in my daughter in her first month of training is incredible. I never knew it was possible to get my little bubble of energy to stand still & stare at the wall for 30 seconds! Thank you Mr C!

Deanna M.

My son Misha has been a student of Mr. C at this school for only a few months, but I am already seeing huge improvements in his confidence and technique because Mr. C is such a great teacher. DePalma's is more then a karate school: Mr. C focuses on the development of his students' strong character traits as much as he focuses on teaching them karate. We are lucky to have found this school!

Katya B.

As an out-of state visitor, I was extremely impressed with my experience here! The instructors are welcoming and talented, and the students are very respectful and hard working. Team Mesa has a fun family environment, and the instructors really take the time to get to know each student individually & turn each of them into A-rated rockstars! Highly recommend for anyone seeking to better themselves or their children.

Niki B.

This is an absolutely awesome program for our kids. It started as something to do that one of our daughters was interested in. A second daughter decided to join the school shortly after. Over the years we have seen our two daughters accomplish short term goals by achieving the multiple belt advancements. They have had positive influence peers that they have looked up to during the process which has also made them the positive influence peers that other students have looked up to as well.

Master Gade and Mr. Bennett are fantastic with all the students regardless of age.

If you are thinking of going to a school for quality Karate you will definitely get that here. Your kids will not only be strong competitors at Karate they will also be involved in a perfect cycle of having role models and becoming role models.

I would and do recommend this school to anyone looking to join a Karate program.

Nick W.

Wonderful instructors and great attitudes!! Attended the IST this weekend and really shows the drive and spirit this group of people put into their work!! My son had a blast and placed in his 1st tournament after attending Depalmas for about a month now. Thanks to Devon for being an awesome mentor!! Will recommend this place to anyone

Phillip O.

This instructor is the most energetic, fun, lovable teacher you will ever meet! I promise this instructor is one you will never forget! He also teaches AMAZING CLASSES! :D Go DePalma's Team USA!

Joshua C.

Our son had a birthday party at DePalma's. Mr. Culbreath did an amazing job setting up for the party and an even more amazing job with all the kids. He was able to capture and keep the attention of all the kids the entire evening. He had the parents engaged as well. It truly was an excellent evening.

Christina R.

We are so excited to have energetic and positive instructors that consistently encourage and challenge our children to be their BEST! We are so thankful that our children have the opportunity to train and succeed with Master W and Mr. Bennett learning to excel with discipline and achieve their karate goals! We are proud members and love Depalma's Karate Gilbert!

Brandi W.

My son was at another karate school for about a year before we switched to DePalmas. The difference was night and day! We have loved everything about our experience at DePalmas! The staff has been amazing to work with! They go above and beyond to make every student feel like they matter. The instructors have a great ability to work with the youngest of children, all the way up to adults. They are experienced and have shown that they truly care about these kids! My son has seen his instructors believe in him, and that has inspired him to believe in himself. I can't say enough about how much we love DePalmas!

Jennifer P.

If there was an option for more than five stars, it would have been more than five stars. For the past four years, this has been our home away from home. From the moment we started our trial classes, we were hooked. I have a son who is 10 and a daughter who is eight and they both enjoy every aspect of what DePalma's Team Martial Arts teaches them. From martial arts, to being a good person, this is one heck of a karate school!

Krista K.

I can tell when my son loves something or hates it. He loved this place and he was given all the attention he needed and felt very welcomed. Can't wait to see his progress in the coming classes. They have great instructors and we were very pleased.

Sarah R.

I would give the instructors at South Gilbert 10 stars or more if I could. Starting with Master Wisniewski who has since moved to another location and now Sensi DePalma and not least of all Dagger. These young men are not only good teachers but they personify the values and personal behaviors that I am now seeing evident in my student. He started out a little over a year ago saying "ok, as long as karate doesn't interfere with my other sports." Now he says "Nothing can interfere with karate." He especially enjoys working with Dagger.

Jane B.

This Organization is truly great!
The way they care for their students, the amazing energy there is created in every single class. The level of quality and service they provide is out of this world! I would highly recommend to anyone at least try one class out!

Goju A.

Sensei Stewart, Mr. T and all of the others there are so welcoming and friendly! My kids love it there and can't wait to earn their black belt!

Nichole V.

Sensei Stewart is patient with all the kids and a great teacher. The boys have learned so much from him. The community at DePalmas is great!

Mackin M.

Excellent staff, they really strive to bring the best out of everyone.

Anthony L.

Excellent program at DePalma's! We love Sensei Stewart and Mr. T. Lots of team spirit make this a great place to be!

Shannon R.

I have been Astonished by the quality of training and the sincerity of the instructors at the Power Ranch Depalma's. Our 10 year old is about to test for his yellow belt and the techniques and mind set he has been taught, through only the white belt time period, have turned him into a different kid, in many aspects. Sensei Stewart and Mr. T have brought him to a patient, more mindful thought process while also giving him Much more self confidence. I cannot say enought good things about Depalma's Power Ranch location! Oh, Vanessa and Emme are also always Positive and willing to help out. Fantastic place!

Jeff N.

Best thing I have ever done for my daughter. The instructors are amazing!

Angela S.

Love coming here! Great workout and good techniques and learning styles for self defense and more!

Jett B.

Such a positive learning environment for my son.

Ramee G.

My son is 10 years old and has been doing karate at the power ranch location since he was 5. He is now training for his balck belt. Mr. Stewart is a great instructor.

Tangila T.

Love how great the instructors are with the kids!

Courtney D.

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